Types of Advertising

In Tricia’s Trader, we offer 3 main types of advertising to serve our customers…

Classified Ad:

Classified ads or “line ads” consist of text only, and are set to run for two issues automatically.  Any NON-COMMERCIAL (i.e. no business listings) ad up to 8 lines in Tricia’s Trader (or approximately 205 characters when counting spaces) is FREE to list at no charge for the first two issues.  Limit two FREE classified ads per household.  Additional classifieds may be purchased at $10 for a standard ad.  Any ad that runs longer than the standard two issues will be charged at the rates for a commercial classified listed in the next paragraph.

COMMERCIAL CLASSIFIEDS—Any regular classified that is commercial in nature, or requires additional lines or enhancements is charged at $10 for the base ad, plus $1/line, and $5 for bold (other than the intro:  For Sale, Wanted, etc.), $5 for box outline.  The maximum length for any classified is 13 lines (or approximately 350 characters)

The only COMMERCIAL ads that are free are Help Wanted/Employment ads for businesses.  Home based recruitment ads will be charged at the rates listed above and are considered commercial.

Classified ads may be submitted via email, this website, the hand-written ad form located in Tricia’s Trader, or on our Facebook Tricia’s Trader Classifieds page.  Please refer to that pages rules for submission info and details.  Ads on the Facebook page that are considered “live” at deadline will be published in the next hard copy edition, provided adequate contact info is provided by the poster.  All rules for length, enhancements, etc. apply, and the publisher reserves the right to edit any post for content or length.

LONG-RUNNING CLASSIFIEDS - Options are available for 6 month classifieds.  Additional enhancement charges are rated accordingly.  See the rate chart or electronic ad form for final pricing.

Display Ad:

Display ads are defined by Tricia’s Trader as any ad that includes more than just standard text, bold, and box.  Electronic camera ready files may be provided by the advertiser, or our talented graphic designers can build an ad to fit our dimensions, and provide the advertiser with an electronic or faxed proof, as long as the needed information is received by the deadline [See Editions and Deadlines].  A small $5 design fee is incurred for full design of ads, but options are available to waive that cost.  Contact your Advertiser Advocate to find out how.

All Display Ads receive some level of online promotion at no extra charge, including live clickable links in the online edition of Tricia’s Trader, Account-Only keywording, thumbnail placement in the scrolling ads on triciastrader.com, and sharing of an e-version of Tricia’s Trader that the customer can use for their own promotional purposes.

Options are available for longer term packages that allow for significant rate discounts.  Ask your Advertiser Advocate (ad rep) for information about 3 month packages, 6 month packages, and 1-year packages.