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Premium Online Optimization

Do your OTHER print ads work this hard for you?

We now offer our clients the benefit of print advertising ALONG WITH:

  • Web ads
  • SEO optimization
  • Mobile Advertising
  • and Facebook promotion…

ALL in one easy to manage bundle.

It’s easy because we do it for you.   At a price you can afford.

For $65 Per Issue, Our Premium Online Add-On includes:  

  • Individual Ad Keywording: A Premium add-on will boost your search engine rankings even higher because not only is your ACCOUNT keyworded (which we already do for you), but so is each INDIVIDUAL ad that you place with us.  We ran a trial on this for several months, and the results are amazing.*
    • Ad keywording vs. account-only keywording generated an approximate 100% increase (double the results!) in hits online. *sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the account.
  • Facebook posting each issue: We’ll do a Facebook post to YOUR page FOR you.  Do what you like with it after that…
  • Web Ad: Get a banner ad across the top of OUR triciastrader.com website.  Remember, this is where readers go to see the online edition (as opposed to our previous method of using issuu.com to read Tricia’s Trader).  Banner ads rotate through randomly every 6 seconds.  These banner ads are also clickable, taking the reader to a website that you indicate.
    • Triciastrader.com currently measures approximately 1,300 hits per month, and we expect that to increase significantly over the course of the next few weeks with the upgrades we are making.
  • Starting in March of 2016, our mobile app will be displaying ads for our premium online customers. The world is definitely mobile now, and so is Tricia’s Trader.  Your ad there will be reaching the audience you need it to—the busy, on-the-go crowd. Kinda like you, right?
  • We can generate reports at any time you like by emailing west@triciastrader.com so you can see how it’s working for you!

*Contact us for current data for our online options. 

Display Ads

Standard SizesRateSize
Sixteenth Page$282.5x3
Biz Card Plus$545x3
Eighth Page$732.5x8
Quarter Page$1422.5x16
Half Page$2845x16
Full Page$52110x16
Front Page Mini$645x2
Front Page Med$1125x5
Front Page Large$21610x6
Back Page Full$53910x16
Community Spotlight 1$495x2
Real Estate Section$5810x2
Double Truck$938Two at 10x16
4-H House Ads$20.002.5x3
Guaranteed Placement**5%For a specified location other than the ones listed above.
Community Spotlight Add
on Package 4 issues with any 3 mo pkg or larger
Community Spotlight Package 4 issues stand alone package$1855x2
*Available ONLY to advertisers who place a $60 ad or larger inside.
**Guaranteed placement on any page except front and back covers

Rate Card

Inches x Inches



























*Not including $5 flat rate ad design when applicable
PAYMENT POLICY:  All new clients must prepay for all ads with an e-check, written check, cash, money order or credit card. Ad placement policies are as follows: All ad copy must be received by the deadline in order to receive an electronic proof subject to additional edits. Any ad copy received after the deadline forfeits the proofing process. However, an electronic courtesy copy of the ad will be emailed or faxed to the client provided a fax number or email addresses is on file. Any ad that receives verbal or written proof approval by the client must be paid for even if errors or omissions are discovered after publication. If verbally approved, ad reps will notify the designer via email. In the event that no one can be contacted for ad approval, the ad rep & designer will do their best to ensure accuracy and assume approval based on the last conversation with client. For guaranteed placement ads: There will be a 5% fee incurred for ads that are reserved but then withdrawn within 3 days of that issue's deadline, and no subsequent guaranteed placement ads will be reserved for that client without prepayment. To reserve two or more cover ads, the first two ads must be paid before the third cover ad will be reserved. If not paid within that time, the ad will bump to the inside pages at the publisher's discretion, and all payment terms still apply. No more than 2 subsequent front cover ads in a row may be reserved by the same client. A client who reserves an ad and then backs out after deadline will be placed on a pre-pay status before placing another ad. Ad Design: The client will be charged a flat rate of $5 per design/edit. This applies to any edit, no matter how minor. Cash discounts for prepayment are offered on ad design if paid at the time of placement. This also applies for any prepaid ad series, keeping in mind that a design fee will be charged for the very first ad unless payment is received at the time of placement. If the client withdraws an ad after design has begun, the client will be assessed a $10 design fee.