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Rates and Sizes

Common Standard SizesRateSize (wxh)
Sixteenth Page$282.5x3
Biz Card$545x3
Eighth Page$735x4
Quarter Page$1425x10
Half Page$28410x8
Full Page$52110x16
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I want my ad Online!

Do Your OTHER Print Ads work this hard for you? Where else can you get it all in one inclusive package?

What you already get with a Tricia’s Trader ad…

  • All display ads and classified ads are run through a tailored system that places them online, and includes custom keywording of all advertiser accounts.  So, if you sell widgets, we keyword your ad so people who search for widgets online will find your Tricia’s Trader ad.  The longer you advertise with us, the better these search rankings get, thanks to Google and Yahoo’s SEO rules.
  • Our online edition includes free clickable links that can take readers from our online edition directly to any page you specify.
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Package Options

Contact your Advertiser Advocate for a custom bundle.  Always a better value!

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