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The most frequently asked question regarding classifieds is, “Should I include the price in my ad?”

The answer is two-fold.  If you have a definite idea what amount you are wanting to receive for your For Sale item, definitely include the price.  You will receive way more calls.  Readers often think NO price listed implies a HIGH asking price.

But, if you are looking for offers because you’re unsure if you’re asking the RIGHT price, OR if you want to receive calls only from individuals who are willing to take the time to call (thus narrowing the number of calls you’ll likely receive), then list it without a price.

There are exceptions to this strategy, of course, but most often it holds true.

Will a coupon be a good measure for the effectiveness of my ad?

We believe that in highly populated areas, coupons do work in daily publications.  That being said, Montana is obviously NOT considered highly populated, and Tricia’s Trader is not a daily publication, but rather semi-weekly.  Therefore, we feel coupons are a poor measure of whether people are seeing your ad, or will act on a sale or special, and here’s why…

Many rural folks get Tricia’s Trader in their mailbox every two weeks or so, and are very likely to forget the actual coupon at home when they drive to town from their homes.  (Now, the exception would be if your coupon was some sort of digital coupon, in which case they could pull it up easily on their phones, especially considering our implementation of our new online enhancements effective in February of 2016.)  But an actual hard-copy coupon is LESS likely to be carried to a store’s front door.  That does NOT mean that the customer didn’t see and remember your sale/special, however.  Therefore, I don’t recommend coupons as an effective measurement tool for ads in Tricia’s Trader.

How can I utilize my print ad to get better results?

  1. You need to be asking your customers where they saw your ads, or how they heard of you. It’s entirely possible they are reading about you and doing business with you accordingly, but you don’t know that’s why they come in because you don’t ask.
  2. Run more than just one ad.  ALL print ads in Tricia’s Trader are sent through an online enhancement process by our team.  We have a system in place that keywords every account who advertises with us for free, and every edition is published online, complete with live clickable links to our advertisers’ websites.  The longer a customer uses Tricia’s Trader, the higher their rankings get with search engines like Google and Yahoo.Additionally, research shows that it takes at least 7 “touches” to get a customer to buy from you.  How many ways are you touching your customers to get this to happen?
  3. Change up your ads, if only slightly.  Two things happen when you change the ad from issue to issue.  First, it keeps the ad fresh.  Our human tendency can be to “scan” over things we think we’ve seen or read before.  Two, the more “new content” an ad has, the higher the search engines will rank it in the search results.  Our design fees are minimal, and with a paid package or prepayment, ad design is actually free.  It’s worth it to change up your ads when possible.
  4. Share your ads in Tricia’s Trader on your social media pages.  These kinds of native posts tend to draw lots of traffic.  Just go to our online edition, grab a link for the page your ad is on, and share it to your social page.  It’s easy, and it’s free.
  5. Make sure your ad rep knows what website to link your ad to in our online edition of the publication.  These links are live and clickable, meaning when someone reads the online issue, they can click on your ad and it will take them to whatever website you indicate to your ad rep.
  6. Take time to suggest keyword items to your ad rep.  Sometimes an ad rep doesn’t know ALL about what you do.  If you give them suggestions, this will help our keywording staff come up with more relevant info to keyword, again, boosting your rankings. Keywords are powerful….which brings me to…
  7. Consider a Premium Online Option.  The Premium Online Option does several things to get your ad out there in the online world.
    • We mentioned keywords.  A Premium add-on will boost your search engine rankings even higher because not only is your ACCOUNT keyworded, but so is each INDIVIDUAL ad that you place with us.  We ran a trial on this for several months, and the results are amazing.  (*See our Premium Online Option in the Ad Rates page.)
    • We’ll do a Facebook post to YOUR page FOR you.  Your ad will get shared to your page.  At which point you can utilize it even further to generate even greater results on your Facebook page.
    • Get a banner ad across the top of OUR website.  Remember, this is where readers to go see the online edition (as opposed to our previous method of using to read Tricia’s Trader).  Banner ads rotate through randomly every 6 seconds.  These banner ads are also clickable, taking the reader to a website that you indicate.
    • In March of 2016, our mobile app will be displaying ads for our premium online customers.  The world is definitely mobile now, and so is Tricia’s Trader.  Your ad there will be reaching the audience you need.