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U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced details of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), which will provide up to $16 billion in direct payments to deliver relief to America’s farmers and ranchers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to this direct support to farmers and ranchers, USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box program is partnering with regional and local distributors, whose workforces have been significantly impacted by the closure of many restaurants, hotels, and other food service entities, to purchase $3 billion in fresh produce, dairy, and meat and deliver boxes to Americans in need.

Beginning May 26, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), through the Farm Service Agency (FSA), will be accepting applications from agricultural producers who have suffered losses.


CFAP provides vital financial assistance to producers of agricultural commodities who have suffered a five-percent-or-greater price decline due to COVID-19 and face additional significant marketing costs as a result of lower demand, surplus production, and disruptions to shipping patterns and the orderly marketing of commodities.

Farmers and ranchers will receive direct support, drawn from two possible funding sources. The first source of funding is $9.5 billion in appropriated funding provided in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act to compensate farmers for losses due to price declines that occurred between mid-January 2020, and mid-April 2020 and provides support for specialty crops for product that had been shipped from the farm between the same time period but subsequently spoiled due to loss of marketing channels. The second funding source uses the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act to compensate producers for $6.5 billion in losses due to on-going market disruptions.

Non-Specialty Crops and Wool

Non-specialty crops eligible for CFAP payments include malting barley, canola, corn, upland cotton, millet, oats, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, durum wheat, and hard red spring wheat. Wool is also eligible. Producers will be paid based on inventory subject to price risk held as of January 15, 2020. A payment will be made based 50 percent of a producer’s 2019 total production or the 2019 inventory as of January 15, 2020, whichever is smaller, multiplied by the commodity’s applicable payment rates.


Livestock eligible for CFAP include cattle, lambs, yearlings and hogs. The total payment will be calculated using the sum of the producer’s number of livestock sold between January 15 and April 15, 2020, multiplied by the payment rates per head, and the highest inventory number of livestock between April 16 and May 14, 2020, multiplied by the payment rate per head.


For dairy, the total payment will be calculated based on a producer’s certification of milk production for the first quarter of calendar year 2020 multiplied by a national price decline during the same quarter. The second part of the payment is based a national adjustment to each producer’s production in the first quarter.

Specialty Crops

For eligible specialty crops, the total payment will be based on the volume of production sold between January 15 and April 15, 2020; the volume of production shipped, but unpaid; and the number of acres for which harvested production did not leave the farm or mature product destroyed or not harvested during that same time period, and which have not and will not be sold. Specialty crops include, but are not limited to, almonds, beans, broccoli, sweet corn, lemons, iceberg lettuce, spinach, squash, strawberries and tomatoes. A full list of eligible crops can be found on Additional crops may be deemed eligible at a later date.


There is a payment limitation of $250,000 per person or entity for all commodities combined. Applicants who are corporations, limited liability companies or limited partnerships may qualify for additional payment limits where members actively provide personal labor or personal management for the farming operation. Producers will also have to certify they meet the Adjusted Gross Income limitation of $900,000 unless at least 75 percent or more of their income is derived from farming, ranching or forestry-related activities. Producers must also be in compliance with Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation provisions.

Applying for Assistance

Producers can apply for assistance beginning on May 26, 2020

Additional information and application forms can be found at Producers of all eligible commodities will apply through their local FSA office. Documentation to support the producer’s application and certification may be requested. FSA has streamlined the signup process to not require an acreage report at the time of application and a USDA farm number may not be immediately needed. Applications will be accepted through August 28, 2020.

Payment Structure

To ensure the availability of funding throughout the application period, producers will receive 80 percent of their maximum total payment upon approval of the application. The remaining portion of the payment, not to exceed the payment limit, will be paid at a later date as funds remain available.

USDA Service Centers are open for business by phone appointment only, and field work will continue with appropriate social distancing. While program delivery staff will continue to come into the office, they will be working with producers by phone and using online tools whenever possible. All Service Center visitors wishing to conduct business with the FSA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, or any other Service Center agency are required to call their Service Center to schedule a phone appointment. More information can be found at

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Damage to St. Mary Canal Raising Concerns for the Future of Water Along the Hi-Line

        According to a press release on May 19th, the Bureau of Reclamation reported a damage incident that the concrete drop structure failed on the Milk River Project St. Mary Canal near Cut Bank on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Glacier County on May 16th. At the time the damage was reported, the canal was flowing at 1/3 of the capacity of the 600 cubic-feet-per-second (CFS) down to 200 CFS.

        The structure at this point along the canal is the last of five drop structures that rely on gravity and siphons to redirect water from the St. Mary River, near Glacier National Park, into the canal.

        At this time, the Bureau of Reclamation, along with stakeholders of the Milk River Project, are assessing the situation to determine potential impact to water users that include municipalities totaling some 110,000 acres of land downstream of Havre.

        The Milk River Project includes the canal that was constructed over 100 years ago.

        Details and updates on the facilities and operations managed by Reclamation’s Montana Area Office will continue to be posted on the Bureau’s website at and the media contact for the Bureau is Jack Conner (670-3778 or

Ranching For Profit Blog – Dallas Mount, CEO

Healthy Land, Happy Families and Profitable Businesses

Getting It Right or Getting It Fast

A young rancher attended his first Executive Link meeting a few weeks after completing a Ranching for Profit School. He showed his EL board the long to-do list he created at the end of the school and worried that there wasn’t enough time to get everything done that he needed to do. “I’m constantly putting out fires,” he explained to his board. After he described his situation, one board member wondered aloud, “I’ve no doubt that you are a very busy fireman, but it looks to me like you are also a very busy arsonist.”

The new member’s to-do list included things about completing an economic analysis to determine the ideal enterprise mix and creating a property development plan that included designing a new water system and fencing infrastructure for cell grazing.

In the RFP school and Executive Link we use a process to prioritize actions in which each action is given a score for importance and urgency. Every action on his chart was scored as “very important” and “extremely urgent.” He’d convinced himself that everything was a crisis.

As the board questioned him on the actions on this plan, they pointed out that the property development plan could be put on the back burner until other, more pressing things were addressed. The grazing plan couldn’t be implemented for at least 3 months. It was more important and urgent to complete the enterprise analysis. Even then, decisions on changing enterprises couldn’t be implemented for at least 9 months. While his eagerness to complete the grazing plans and enterprise analysis was laudable, he didn’t need to turn the analysis and planning into a crisis.  

This young rancher’s plan was typical. While the action items may differ, most people mark everything on their plan as urgent. Their enthusiasm to get things done is understandable, but by making everything urgent, everything becomes a crisis. As a result, we rush things that shouldn’t be rushed. We overlook important implications and make costly mistakes.  

Some of us become adrenaline junkies, addicted to crises. We convince ourselves that we work best under pressure. But working under constant pressure adds stress to our lives, leads to mistakes and results in burnout. Rather than working best under pressure, the more likely truth is that we only work under pressure.  

There are occasional fires to put out in every business. The irony is that by treating everything as a crisis, we set many of the fires ourselves.

The answer is to schedule blocks of time, weeks and months in advance, for the incredibly important but not urgent tasks that we seem to be too busy to ever get to.  Taking a few minutes to deeply consider the importance and urgency of actions, and scheduling those actions, will lead to fewer fires, less stress and better decisions. When considering decisions that will have lasting implications, it is usually more important to get it right, than get it fast.

Blaine County Fair Set for Mid-August

        The Blaine County Fair Board is busy planning for the fair to be held after careful consideration of COVID-19 guidelines and the health of the Hi-Line residents. The annual event that is typically held in July will take place August 12th through August 16th this year at Chinook.

        Some changes are to be expected due to the social distancing guidelines and restrictions, but, according to board member Loren Skoyen, this could mean including some ag-related events that typically are not part of the July season, but might allow producers time to showcase their products and yield in competitions not normally part of this fair.

        Two days of PRCA rodeo events, beer gardens, the legendary Doo-Wah Riders band, demolition derby, and pig wrestling are among the tried-and-true events this year’s fair brings to Blaine County. The 4-H sale and show will also provide the 4-H members in surrounding areas an opportunity to showcase their hard work and talents in the educational booths and displays.

        The fair may just be the right kind of normalcy our communities need at this time, and it’s worth noting that the 4-H members who have been dedicated to their projects and accomplishments will get their time to shine in spite of missing out on other activities due to COVID-19.


Phillips County Fair Board Makes Plan

        Due to COVID-19, the Phillips County Fair Board is taking prudent steps to plan for this year’s Phillips County Fair. The longest running county fair in the state draws in visitors from near and far each year to the Dodson Fairgrounds with rodeo, livestock shows, 4-H sales and night shows, along with great food and an all-around good time for the whole family.

        The June 23rd meeting for the Phillips County Fair Board will take place at 7 PM at the Dodson fairgrounds and the public is encouraged and welcome to attend. Eric Wilke and other Phillips County Fair Board members are happy to answer questions about events or how to set up a vendor booth.   To inquire, e-mail ( or check out their website and submit a digital inquiry form to contact them with questions at

Fort Peck Summer Theatre Ticket Sales Open for 2020 Season

        Tickets are available for the 2020 Seasonal Productions at the Ft. Peck Theatre. Season tickets are also available for all five performances.

        Opening night for the first play, “The Sunshine Boys”, is Friday, July 3rd at 7:30 p.m. and will run through Sunday, July 12th, with a 4 p.m. matinee. Ed Asner joins forces with MAT favorites, Jay Pyette and Kate Hagen, in “God Help Us” and will have a short run the weekend of July 17th, 18th, and 19th. In late July through early August, the award-winning musical, “Working”, will run from July 24th to August 9th. Tickets are also available for the late summer performances of “Love Letters” (August 14th-16th) and “Wait Until Dark” (August 21st – September 6th).

        Order tickets through the Fort Peck Summer Theatre Website at or call 228-9216 (M-F, 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.) for more information.

Harlem’s Milk River Productions Awards Ceremony Awards Ceremony

        During this year’s Mid-Winter Fair, the screening of Milk River Productions’ film, “Looking Forward From Yesterday,” was the highlight of the Fair’s banquet this year. Following the February showing, the Harlem High School students’ went on to showcase their work at other film festivals, including the 57th Northwest Regional Emmy Awards Celebration which was re-scheduled for a live streaming event on June 6th.

        All community members, extended family, friends, and newcomers to the hi-line are invited to get decked out in your best digs and join in from the comfort of your home to participate in the awards ceremony. Student awards are scheduled for 6:30 PM.

        This event is one of many that were drastically altered due to to COVID-19, and the modified format is a welcome opportunity for our local student film makers who missed out on the chance to travel to attend this and other film festivals to showcase their work and network with other like-minded creators.

        Joining in the live event is easy; check out the Milk River Productions Facebook page and follow the link to the NATAS NW Emmy Awards Event page to show your support and save the date to attend the awards ceremony and support your local student talent.

Rodeo Time!

Get out and enjoy Montana's signature family 
sporting event.  Rodeo is wholesome entertainment 
for all ages, whether competitor or spectator!!

June 4 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - NBHA CO-sanction
Big Sandy Big Sandy

June 7 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

June 9 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
Harlem Reafan Bell's Arena
Call or text Courtney Bell 390-3110 for weather updates

June 11 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - HBRA

June 14 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

June 20-21 Little Belt Cowboys PRCA Rodeo

June 26 Ft. Benton PRCA Rodeo
Ft. Benton Chouteau Co. Fairgrounds

June 16 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
Chinook Laurie Faber's Arena
Call or text Courtney Bell 90-3110 for weather updates

June 25 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - HBRA
Big Sandy Big Sandy

June 28 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

June 30 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
Lodgepole Lodgepole Arena
Call or text Courtney Bell 390-3110 for weather updates

July 3 RCAN's Ranch Rodeo
Grass Range 4:30pm, 3pm check in, 4pm rules
Call/text Bill:  406-390-2057

July 3-4 Rodeo Roundup

July 5 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

July 7 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn. (MBHA)
Harlem Regan Bell's
Call or text Courtney Bell 390-3110 for weather updates

July 9 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - NBHA Co-sanction
Havre Havre Fairgrounds

July 9 Wild Horse Stampede PRCA Rodeo
Wolf Point Stampede Grounds

July 14 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
Chinook Blaine Co. Fairgrounds
Call or text Courtney Bell 390-3110 for weather updates

July 18-19: 56th Annual CM Russel Stampede @ Stanford, Montana PRC& Art Auction, Western BBQ, Music Fest, Street 
Dance, Sheep Mutton Bustin' and so much more!
Matt Neumann at 781-1801

July 21 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
Lodgepole Lodgepole Arena
Call or text Courtney Bell 390-3110 for weather updates

July 23 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - HBRA
Big Sandy Big Sandy

July 25-26 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

July 28 6:30 - Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
Ft. Belknap Desi Bell's Arena
Call or text Courtney Bell390-3110 for weather updates

July 30 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - HBRA
Chinook Chinook

Aug 4 Little Rockies Barrel Racing Assn.
FINALS Raegan Bell's Arena
Enter by 11:00 Run at 12:00 noon
Call or text Courtney Bell 390-3110 for weather updates

Aug 6 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - NBHA Co-sanction
Big Sandy Big Sandy

Aug 10 Hi-Line Barrel Racing - HBRA - FINALS
Havre Havre Fairgrounds

Aug 12 Blaine County Fair - Kids Rodeo
Chinook Blaine County Fairgrounds

Aug 13-14 7:00 p.m. - Bear Paw Roundup PRCA Rodeo
Chinook Blaine County Fairgrounds

Aug 13-15 Yellowstone River Roundup PRCA Rodeo
Billings Metra Park

Aug 16 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

Aug 18-19 Eastern Montana Fair & PRCA Rodeo
Miles City

Aug  20-22 Northwest Montana Fair & PRCA Rodeo

Aug 23 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

Aug 30 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

Sept 13 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

Sept 18-20 9:00 - JJK Jackpot 3D/4D Barrle Race
Great Falls King's Arena
Juli Jo Kelly 866-2309 or 231-0747

Things to Know: Free postings for Non-Profit Community Events

June 6: Harlem Volunteer Fire Department 1st Annual Gopher Shoot. Call or text 945-2923 to sign up, get information, or be a sponsor for the event.

June 10: 11:30 am to 1 pm Both days: Rocky Boy Health Center Walking Club will be at Old Stone Child Parking Lot and the Rocky Boy Health Center. Call Terrie Stump (395-1675) or John Striker Jr. (395-1671) for more info.

June 13: Zurich All Class Reunion Postponed until 2021

June 13: 6-10pm: Harlem Golf Association Annual Banquet @ Milk River Community Center (formerly the old VFW Hall on the northeast side of Harlem). Raffles, drawings, auctions, and fun for only $20 a ticket. Roast port dinner with all of the trimmings comes with each ticket. Stop by Richman Insurance in Harlem to get your ticket today.

June 21: FATHER’S DAY!

June 14-22: Bearpaw Bowmen Archery Club on-line auction for Angela Nyberg. Questions? Please call 390-0091. There will also be orange raffle tickets available until August 1st. Contact Amy at Havre Laundry or Brandy at Western Trailer Sales for details. The Barber Ranch Shoot is canceled until June 19-20, 2021.

June 17: 11:30 am to 1 pm Both days: Rocky Boy Health Center Walking Club will be at Old Stone Child Parking Lot and the Rocky Boy Health Center. Call Terrie Stump (395-1675) or John Striker Jr. (395-1671) for more info.

June 23: 5:30pm: Virtual Statewide Homebuyer Education Class sponsored by NeighborWorks Montana; for more info and to register, visit or reach Lisa Smith at 604-4540 or

HiSET Testing at Havre: June 9th and 23rd, July 14th and 28th, and August 11th and 25th. Call 1-888-694-4738 to register.

The 2020 Milk River Gospel Jamboree originally scheduled for this summer in Malta has been cancelled. Watch for plans for the Mini Jam to be held in the fall.

FFA Montana is looking for volunteers to help with the FFA State Conference that will be rescheduled from March. Visit their website for information on how you can pitch in to help with events and other great resources for students: https://

Real Estate Section

Enjoying Everyday Life
Joyce Meyer

Discover How You Can Be Free from Fear

Fear is an enemy that torments the soul and seeks to steal our life. Conquering it is not something that we do in one day, or even in 1,000 days. It is something that we achieve one day at a time with God’s help. 

Fear can show up unexpectedly. One of our goals should be to recognize it so we can deal with it right away. 

I remember a time when I was waking up at about 2 or 3 in the morning and then having difficulty going back to sleep. After two nights of that, I found myself going to bed with a vague sort of fear that it would happen again, and sure enough it did. After about three nights of the same thing, God reminded me that I could pray and resist Satan, the source of all fear. According to God’s Word, the sleep of the righteous should be sweet (see Proverbs 3:24). I prayed immediately and went back to sleep and have not had any problems since then. 

Being free from fear doesn’t mean that we will never experience it or be confronted by it. It means that we are committed to not allowing it to rule our lives, and when necessary we will do what we need to do, even if we have to do it afraid.

Each time you feel fear and decide to “do it afraid,” you will enjoy your new freedom so much that you will soon be totally unwilling to do without it. You will become determined to end your days of slavery to fear. That does not mean that you won’t still need to confront your fears, but it does mean that you will be more and more willing to keep confronting them.

Galatians 5:1 (AMP) says, “It was for this freedom that Christ set us free [completely liberating us]; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery [which you once removed].” This scripture is very clear that even though we have been completely liberated from a yoke of bondage, we will need to “keep standing firm” and not allow ourselves to be entrapped by it again.

Satan is very shrewd and he never completely gives up the hope of drawing us back into bondage. So we must live watchfully, ready to recognize and immediately confront the things that steal our liberty in Christ. 

The Bible says that the righteous man falls seven times and gets up again (see Proverbs 24:16). I love that scripture and am greatly encouraged by it. Even the most righteous person fails to do everything he knows to do all the time, but he is committed to not giving up. 

If you have a weak moment, that doesn’t mean you have lost your victory. But if we give up, we won’t be in a position to get help from God, because we receive His help through faith, not through hopelessness. We need to stay positive, hopeful and filled with faith, and when we do, we can overcome anything with God’s help. I often say that anyone can succeed if they refuse to give up! 

Some fears are more deeply rooted in us than other ones, and for that reason, they may be ones we have to resist more aggressively. Mine is the fear of making people angry. My father was always angry, and I never really knew if I had done something to make him that way or not. I would like to be able to say that after all of these years of teaching others, I no longer have to deal with this fear, but that’s not the case. However, now I recognize it and deal with it, so I still have the victory. 

Recognizing the lies, deceit and strategies of the devil is so important. We should always be ready to resist him at the onset of his attacks, because the longer we let a fear remain, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. So make a decision to be a person of action. You have what it takes to win!

The Word of God says that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us (Romans 8:37). God has given us all that we could ever need to overcome our fears through Christ. He has blessed us with every blessing in the spiritual realm (Ephesians 1:3). He has given us power and authority over all the power the devil possesses (Luke 10:19). We have what it takes, but we must be active in our faith and never give up. 

Possessing the full freedom that is yours in Christ is a progressive journey. It is something we gain and then maintain. I encourage you to focus on your progress instead of merely looking at how far you have to go. Today is a new day, and every day you can be one step closer to conquering your fears!

For Sale


For more on this topic, order Joyce’s four-teaching CD series Pursuing What Matters Most. You can also contact us to receive our free magazine, Enjoying Everyday Life, by calling (800) 727-9673 or visiting Joyce Meyer is a New York Times bestselling author and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. She has authored more than 100 books, including Battlefield of the Mind and Unshakeable Trust: Find the Joy of Trusting God at All Times, in All Things (Hachette). She hosts the Enjoying Everyday Life radio and TV programs, which air on hundreds of stations worldwide. For more information, visit www.joycemeyer.orgPlease note: The views and opinions expressed throughout this publication and/or website are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Phase 2 Orders Provide Municipal Pools with Guidelines to Let Swimming Begin 

        Swimming season is here, and the Governor’s Phase Two Directives arrived just in time to allow for larger public gatherings. Many pools along the Hi-Line and across the state are making modified plans to open up for swimmers and sunbathers at this time with much anticipation.

        Additionally, the popular Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort indoor facility is now being opened gradually to the public.  Call Nancy at 527-3320 or check out their website for updates and pricing.

        For municipal pools, June 1st was opening date for Shelby and Glasgow pools. Chester pool opens June 6th. Cut Bank and Lewistown pools are opening June 15th. Big Sandy, Chinook, Harlem, and Malta are all waiting to determine if their pools will open and, if so, what restrictions or new rules the pools will have to enforce once swimmers can jump in the water. Continue to follow for bonus stories as these determinations are made.

        Contacting local municipalities to understand any changes to schedules, pricing, or limits to number of swimmers is encouraged before loading up the beach bag and lawn chairs. Overall, the Phase 2 Orders appear to be accommodating for those who are comfortable “taking the plunge” and joining with others in some good, clean summer fun this year.

Zurich All-School Reunion Postponed Until 2021

        Many events have been canceled due to COVID-19, and, sadly, the Zurich School All-Class Reunion is among the social gatherings many will miss out on attending this summer. Committee Chair Betty Billmayer along with other stakeholders made the tough decision to postpone the reunion until June 19, 2021.

        The uncertainty and potential impacts due to COVID-19 led the planners of the event to determine the best course of action was to postpone until next year. Among potential setbacks that could keep attendants from participating included the potential impact of family finances, travel restrictions and personal safety, as well as the general confusion during this strange time.

        Refund checks have been sent out to those who already registered as well as letters to donors to allow them the choice to be refunded or remain a sponsor for the event.

        Anyone who is interested in receiving correspondence from the Zurich Association of Parents (ZAP) to be in on the planning, volunteer, sponsor, or get a ticket for next year’s reunion are encouraged to call Betty Billmayer at 357-4100.

Malta Boys’ & Girls’ Club Announces  Summer Programming with Some Restrictions due to COVID

        The Malta Boys’ and Girls’ Club of the Hi-Line will be having summer programming, but with some modifications due to COVID-19 related guidelines. After consulting with the Phillips County Health Department and reviewing the most recent guidelines released by Governor Bullock’s office, the Club decided to offer limited programming this summer. Here are some of the changes: 

        *Students who are not residents of Phillips County will not be allowed to attend Summer Club this year.

        *Members will be kept in groups of 10-15 students in one of four groups according to grade level: K-Grade; 1st-3rd Graders, 4th-5th Graders, and Teens.

        *Each group will have one or two staff members daily to be that group’s primary program provider.

        *Groups will not have direct contact with other club members during the day-to-day group activities.

        *Thursdays will be teambuilding and workshop days; activities may include Leathercraft, Mad Science, Weather Forcasters, and Game Masters. At the end of each Thursday, there will be “Waterworks” fun day time outdoors where members will be outdoors and spread out to comply with social distancing guidelines.

        *There will be no field trips this summer.

        Stay in touch with application details and updates by following the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of the Hi-LIne Malta Extension Facebook page or call 654-2378 for current information. 


FOR SALE: Used oilfield pipe, rods, cable & guard rail. New HDPE pipe. Engineered bridges for pivots, vehicles, walking & ATV. Clips & post caps.  Toll free- 866-683-7299 or 406-453-7299 BIG SKY PIPE AND SUPPLY, Great Falls. Call TODAY and Ask for our free catalog. VISIT US ONLINE ht t p:// bigsky pipeandsupply. com/html/      7-I:X

For Sale by Owner:  10 acres of Country Property, divided into 5 pastures w/ 5 bed, 2 ba. house w/ 2100 sq. ft. living area + 400 sq. ft. bsmt and 2280 sq. ft. building w/ electricity, 6″ fiberglass insul. throughout, divided into 38’x40′ shop area w/ 14′ ceilings (16’x13′ door), and 3-car garage w/ elec. doors and 8′ ceiling.  16 mi. east of Havre.  ONLY $280,000.  Call Douglas Plouffe at 406-357-2487 for showing.                 2-II:8-II

Wanted:  50′ to 70′ power poles from “old” transmission line from Ft. Peck to Great Falls.  Please call or text to 390-0455.      3-I:8-II

Are you looking for that special hard-to-find book?  BIG SKY IMAGES & COLLECTIBLES. We have NEW and USED BOOKS will special order Havre Holiday Village Mall 406-399-6522                   6-I

For Sale: Savage 6.5 Creedmoor w/ scope, $675.00; Ruger .41 mag Blackhawk new model, single action, new-in-box, $627.99; Ruger .44 mag Blackhawk new model, single action, $689.99; Bergara .300 Win mag., 25″ barrel, muzzle break, scope plus ammo, $693.99. Call 406-403-1804.    5-II:7-I

FOR SALE: BARGAIN PRICING on 14 to 100 foot Bridges, 8 to 36 inch I Beams, and 12 to 24-inch pipe. Contact Ed toll free- 866-683-7299 or 406-453-7299 BIG SKY PIPE AND SUPPLY, Great Falls. Call TODAY and Ask for our free catalog. VISIT US ONLINE ht t p:// bigsky pipeandsupply. com/html/      7-I:X

For Sale: 417 9TH ST, HAVRE, MT. This great Historical home is one of a kind in Havre. Its unique design has ample room with an abundance of light. It boasts a private backyard, double garage. New siding and windows. Updated plumbing and electrical. New furnace, water heater and AC unit. Original hard wood floors and Kitchen has been updated with hickory cabinets and Stainless steel appliances. $220,000 Call Property West, 945-0394. 6-I

Now through August:  Free College Classes at Aaniiih Naked. College.  Some restrictions apply. Call 353-2607 or check our the college. Website at for details and to register  6-I:7-II

Daily Monday through Friday: Chinook Senior Center has lunch meals available for pick up. $5 for seniors, $6 for others. They also still have cinnamon rolls and other treats available by ordering in advance. Call to find out more or place an order today: 357-2648 6-I:X

Rudyard Community and Gildford Senior Centers have their June menus available on the Rudyard Community Facebook page. Call Rudyard Center (355-4240) or the Gildford Center (376-3170) to schedule meals. 6-I:X

Help Wanted: City of Chester is seeking lifeguards for the 2020 season. Contact Ashley at the City of Chester office for an application. 6-I

Help Wanted:  Harlem Public Schools is seeking new team members to join the Jungle and be a part of Wildcat Country: Dean of Students, HS English, K-8 Teacher, and various other classified positions available. Check out the website at for job descriptions and applications. 6-I

Help Wanted:  Eastside Animal Hospital in Havre is looking for a Front Desk Receptionist. Basic duties include checking in appointments, answering client questions, and assisting the vet as needed. Do not apply on-line. Bring resume and application to Eastside Animal Hospital. No comments or applications submitted through social media will be accepted. Thank you. 6-I

Montana Gypsy Art Fallon, Montana. Call (leave message) 406-855-4479 for pricing and offerings. #montana_gypsy_art

Help Wanted: Great Falls Public Schools is seeking a Lead Transportation and Safety Technician as well as a variety of teaching positions for the 2020-2021 school year. Application and full job descriptions are available at or call 268-6010 Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For information. 6-I

Help Wanted:  PMU is currently looking for a CDL Driver with Current DOT Physical & Clean Driving Record. Call 353-8313 for questions. 6-I

Help Wanted:  Phillips County Hospital and Family Health Clinic is accepting applications for full-time LPN, CMA, or CNA. Competitive wages, on-the-job training, and more benefits available. Pick up applications and job descriptions from the PC Family Health Business Office, on the website, or call Jessica or Steff at 654-1100. All positions open until filled. 6-I

Help Wanted:  Malta Dairy Queen is hiring FT/PT Summer positions. Stop by to pick up an application. Could turn into a permanent job for the right person. 6-I

Help Wanted:  P.C. Hospital is hiring for a variety of positions including F/T Physical Therapy Office Manager, LPN, CNA, or CMA. Stop by the business office or call Step at 654-1100 ex5117. 6-I

Help Wanted:  Spencer Electric is hiring summer help and a licensed electrician. Call 654-1367 for details. 6-I

Help Wanted:  Malta Motel is hiring housekeepers. Pick up an application at the front desk. 6-I

Help Wanted: City of Malta has a permanent/part-time position. Stop by City office or Havre Job Service for details. 6-I

Help Wanted: Stretch’s Pizza – 2 openings part-time and full-time. Stop in at the store for application. 6-I

Help Wanted: Westside Self- Service on Highway 2 in Malta – Call Katie Smith at 654-2144 for application details. 6-I

For Sale: Savage 6.5 Creedmoor w/ scope, $675.00; Ruger .41 mag Blackhawk new model, single action, new-in-box, $627.99; Ruger .44 mag Blackhawk new model, single action, $689.99; Bergara .300 Win mag., 25″ barrel, muzzle break, scope plus ammo, $693.99. Call 406-403-1804.   5-II:7-I

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