Who Are We?

We are Montanans, just like you.  Every single one of our team members has a young family at home, and we work every day to balance work and home life, just like you.  Some of us are involved in agriculture, some of us are married to railroaders, for some of us this is our only income.  We are Montanans, just like you.  So we take our work and your business advertising very seriously, because we know how it important it is to you and your employees and your families.  We value our readers, because they’re a lot like us.

Our mission says we strive to help our communities.  We live in the same communities that you do.  And we’re thankful to be here.

Thank you for helping us help you.  It’s an important job you have.

Jenny Buck
Asst. Editor & Design

Jenny exudes a love for graphic design that shows in her work and her smile!  In addition to her work as Assistant Editor and raising her four children, she and husband Travis also manage Bear Paw Livestock in Chinook.




Lindsey SteyeeLindsey is one of several behind the scenes women who make our advertisers look amazing.  With a degree in Photography, she came on board in 2009 bringing with her a vibrant sense of what it takes to build a stellar ad.  Lindsey and her husband Jimmy both grew up in Chinook, and we were fortunate to keep her on as an Ad Designer when Jimmy’s work in D.C. called them away to Maryland.  She and her family, which includes two beautiful daughters, have now returned to the home state they all love, and feel fortunate to work remotely from Big Fork where they are near both their families.

Valerie Van VoastAnd Tricia’s Trader would not come together so smoothly if it weren’t for Ms. Valerie.  Valerie began working with Tricia in 2010, truly “behind the scenes”.  Valerie does much of the preliminary work of layout before the final editing process begins.  Valerie’s roots run deep in northern Montana, having grown up in the Bear Paw Mountains AND the Big Flat, and like most of us, has lots of family nearby, having remained in the area for her married life.

Our history


Tricia’s Trader launched in March at the Montana Seed Show.  The first issue was 8 pages, distributed to Harlem, Chinook, Turner, and Havre.


Tricia’s Trader moved to a tabloid format on newsprint, thus moving the in-house printing to a commercial printer.


Tricia hired her first employees.  Up until then, the printing, ad design, layout, sales and billing were all being done in-house by her alone.


Tricia’s Trader launches online.


Tricia’s Trader launches Premium Online Enhancements, making your ad searchable on the web and more!


Tricia's Trader is direct mailed to every household in Blaine and Phillips counties, and most of Hill County.