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Due to the Governor’s directives, the staff at Tricia’s Trader are doing everything possible to help limit the spread of the CoVid-19 virus. Our employees already work remotely, but all of our workers who communicate with customers in person are no longer doing face-to-face interaction, as of the March 18th edition.
Additionally, while many of our copies get mailed to readers at home, we still rely heavily on business locations to distribute our publication. Starting now, we are working on phasing out many of our in-business drops and will be replacing those with a combination of stronger online readership and mailed hard-copy subscriptions. We encourage all our readers to enroll via the online subscription form (titled “Subscribe Now”) so you can be notified as soon as the newest editions are published.
If you’d like to purchase a hard-copy subscription, simply call us at 406-379-2377 to get a FREE 2-month subscription sent directly to your mailbox. At the conclusion of the two-month period, we will re-evaluate and notify all of our readers of the status. Our goal is to continue to bring Tricia’s Trader to you uninterrupted during this challenging time for all. We wish you and your family a safe “isolation”!

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