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We get more out of town business and visitors because of the ads we publish in Tricia’s Trader. Residents from Lewistown, Billings and Glasgow, (to name a few) have become our valued customers and friends! No other advertising has done that for us!
Sue Higgins, Robins RoostMalta, MT


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Online Results¹

Total hits overall have doubled over a 14 month period.

Ad keywording vs. account-only keywording generates an approximate 100% increase (double) in links searched online. *sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the account.

Estimated hits per month on = 1,300

¹ As of Jan. 2016, varies by month

Some examples²:  In 2015 before Premium Online Option launch.

Customer A had links followed of 99.
Customer B had links followed of 141.
Customer C had links followed of 527.

² As of Feb. 2016, results will vary by issue.

Email for up-to-the-minute data.

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